International Schools

International Schools

Facing the Future curriculum is in use by educators in more than 130 countries, including in international schools (where English is the main language of instruction), International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, and local schools outside the United States.

Providing global issues and sustainability curriculum
  • Email us if you are interested in adopting Facing the Future curriculum in your department or school, or call us at +1-206-264-1503.

Offering professional development
  • Facing the Future staff travel abroad to provide inservice workshops on integrating global issues, sustainability, and service learning. We work with teachers and administrators at schools, and we are also available to meet with non-U.S. educators and administrators at our Seattle, Washington office.
  • Email or call us at +1-206-264-1503 to learn more about our inservice workshop and consulting services. References are available upon request.

Working with Peer Educators outside the United States
  • View a list of current Facing the Future Peer Educators.

Providing worldwide service learning and action projects
  • Facing the Future offers tools to assist educators in implementing service learning, culminating projects, and project-based learning. Our service learning section provides links to the latest research on service learning, examples of projects from schools, and resources for implementing projects.

How Our Resources Are Being Used Internationally

Facing the Future resources are in use in many Canadian classrooms. One teacher in Ontario employs Facing the Future curriculum for a globalization unit in her grade 12 Canadian and World Issues class. Students use Facing the Future readings as a starting point to do further research on the cultural and economic impacts of globalization and the linkages to human rights issues. Canadian teachers find that Facing the Future materials help them to cover their provincial learning objectives

Facing the Future curriculum has also made its way "Down Under." A teacher at a school in Melbourne comments, "I have used the activities and resources in my Geography teaching and the ideas have been useful for action based learning as well. Although our curriculum approach may be different the issues you present are universal and can be easily adapted to our needs."

Saudi Arabia
Facing the Future has worked with a teacher at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools in Saudi Arabia to develop a high school global issues elective course. The teacher is using both the advanced and intermediate Facing the Future textbooks as a way of differentiating instruction since not all of the students are equally fluent in English. This is the first time in history the school has been allowed to teach a class (and not a "club") without a government textbook!

Facing the Future has presented a series of sustainability education workshops to faculty and administrators at Cairo American College, a K-12 international school in Egypt. In addition to incorporating sustainability across the curriculum, Cairo American College is working to make the school’s facilities and operations more sustainable.

One Facing the Future educator is leading a team of middle and high school teachers in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In partnership with the Mongolian State University of Education, the team is pilot teaching a unit on sustainable development and global issues using Facing the Future lessons such as "Is it Sustainable?”, “Watch Where You Step!”, and “Livin' the Good Life?” Students explore how they can contribute to sustainable community development and participate in service learning projects such as publishing a newspaper to raise awareness.

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