Our Pedagogy

Using global sustainability as a context and framework, Facing the Future promotes effective teaching and learning through well-tested curriculum models and strategies.

Curriculum Model

Three components lie at the heart of Facing the Future’s content model:

  • Global Issues
    concepts and skills essential to effective participation in an interconnected world

  • Sustainable Solutions
    personal and structural solutions to address global challenges by balancing the environment, society, and economy 

  • Positive Action
    real-world examples and service learning opportunities that enable students to connect with their local and global community

Pedagogical Basis

Facing the Future curriculum materials draw from the tenets of a number of proven pedagogical models, including:

  • Simulations, problem-based, and inquiry-based learning

  • Differentiated instruction that incorporates whole class, group, and individual projects; kinesthetic and art-based activities; verbal and written responses; and a variety of formative and summative assessments to gauge and direct student learning

  • Understanding by Design

  • Interdisciplinary/integrated curriculum 

Read our Curriculum and Program Pedagogical Model  for a complete description of our approach.

About Us

We equip and motivate students to develop critical thinking skills, build global awareness, and engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future through hands-on curricula and professional learning.

Facing the Future is a
self-sustaining program of WWU