Climate Change Take Action! Projects

For background reading on climate change and energy, see...
chapter 9 of our high school text, Exploring Global Issues
Climate Change: Connections and Solutions
Our Climate Change Unit for middle school and high school

units 2 and 3 of our supplemental high school text, It's All Connected

chapters 6 and 9 of our middle school text, Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions

week 1 of our Newspapers in Education articles

Climate Change Action Projects

Make a world of difference with your class, club, or community group. Browse the projects below to find a service learning project that is right for you. For more action projects visit our general Action Projects Database. For more information about climate change check out Facing the Future's Climate Change Units.

  • Worldwide Projects
  • U.S. Projects
  • Washington State Projects
  • Greater Seattle/King County Projects
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