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We've Lowered Prices. But Why?

by Guest Blogger on Sunday, March 24, 2013 8:18 AM
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Facing the Future dropped its prices significantly over the weekend. The purpose of this blog is threefold. Not only do I want to tell you about our price cuts, but I’d like to open your eyes to some of the other things our curriculum store has to offer, and I’d like to provide some context on how and why we decided to decrease our prices.

Let’s start with the numbers. 

These prices were already low compared to the industry standard, but now they’re very, very low. In fact, our lowest cost curriculum products now start at $4.99. Those sub-five-dollar pieces are our Understanding Sustainability two-week units. One for high school, the other for middle school, and it’s a terrific piece if you’re working with students who are unfamiliar with sustainability, or if you would like to teach students that “sustainability” means a whole lot more than recycling.

 We also dropped prices on our elementary-level curriculum. One of my favorite books, for example, is now under $10. That’s Teaching Global Sustainability in the Primary Grades, and it’s one of our bestsellers (for good reason). I recommend you check it out.

Then there’s Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions. This book is a full color student text designed for middle schoolers, and it serves many teachers as an introduction to global issues. This book is just $12.95.

I could go on, but you get the idea. What’s more important than the prices themselves is why we did it. If you follow FTF closely you’ve heard quite a bit about our newest text Exploring Global Issues: Social, Economic, and Environmental Interconnections. We’re proud of this book because it is going to help so many students and teachers learn about global issues and sustainability, and it is just a downright beautiful text.

When we were doing research on the competition for this book, we didn’t find any that do exactly what EGI does. But we found several that are similar. Most of these books are from big publishers, and they cost a lot more. One such book we found was $125! Facing the Future doesn’t think that’s right. We think quality education and quality materials should be accessible to everyone, so we try to price our materials so that cost isn’t a limiting factor. Since we’re a nonprofit, we’re not concerned about making piles of money, and it saddens us that we can’t afford to simply give our curriculum away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t work hard to make our materials much more accessible than for-profit publishers.

On that note I’d like to point out some of the free curriculum on our website. If you click the “Take Action!” tab on the top of the website you’ll find all kinds of resources freely available to teachers and students of grade levels (and anyone else, for that matter!). We also have six free curriculum units for download in our curriculum store.

If there’s a product that interests you, but you’re not sure you want to buy it, you should be sure to check out that product’s catalog page. Every single one of our product pages offers at least one free download to help you get a feel for the product and see if it will fit your needs. We’ve been mentioning free sample chapters for Exploring Global Issues for months, but extensive samples are available for all of our products!

In short, we like helping people learn more about global issues andsustainability. Our products can help teachers build important skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration, in addition to helping students learn about global issues. Because we believe these materials are so useful and so valuable, we don’t want cost to stand in the way. So, please, download some free curriculum, visit the Take Action! tab, take advantage of our newly lowered prices, and perhaps most important of all, tell a friend about Facing the Future!

Until next time,

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