Cleveland High School Global Studies Academy

Cleveland High School, Global Studies Academy, 11th Grade

David White-Espin's ESL students studied global issues with a focus on refugees. For their service project, David’s students researched refugee issues, wrote a quiz for other students to take, made a video about refugees, and spoke about their own refugee experiences to students at several middle schools around Seattle.

David wrote this about the service learning project: “It was all a big success. Students created a real project that fulfills a real need. It is also ongoing. Students will continue to go out on speaking engagements for the International Rescue Committee.” One student said, “I learned a lot of things about myself (by participating in this service learning project). I had to do research by going to parents to ask them about the civil war (in our home country of Somalia). I learned that we can correct the misconceptions that young people have about refugees by presenting and telling them about refugees and my life as a refugee.”




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