Wanted: Food Security

Wanted: Food Security Food insecurity continues to exist as populations grow and crop yields decline. It is important that efforts made today prevent hunger now and provide food security in the future. At Western Washington University, measures are being taken to support students in need.

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Combined Turbines and Efficient Energy

Combined Turbines and Efficient Energy Although natural gas is not a renewable resource, how do power plants that use fossil fuels remain environmentally sustainable as the world pushes towards a greener future? To answer this question we researched how Encogen Generating Station in Bellingham operates.

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WWU Powers Up To Renewable Energy

WWU Powers Up To Renewable Energy Western Washington University determined that participation in Puget Sound Energy's renewable energy project would not only be cost effective and a responsible thing to do for the university, but also help the state of Washington move entirely to renewable energy and a more sustainable future.

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