Issues We Address

This unit gave me whole new views of the world and I learned 1000 times the amount of issues in the world that I barely knew existed. It was a mind opening book.

- 8th grade student, Marlborough School, Los Angeles, CA

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Global Issues We Address

In a world where the welfare of our neighbors next door is inextricably linked to our neighbors abroad, we must understand the linkages between local and global communities and the issues they share in common. Global issues are:

  • Transnational and/or transboundary
    Beyond the capability of any one country to resolve
  • Persistent and long-acting
    Their onset may take decades or generations to be felt and resolving them might require a similar time horizon 
  • Interconnected
    A change in one exerts pressure for change on another
  • Driving forces or underlying causes
    Not just singular events 
  • Full of opportunity
    Because they can compel us to effect positive, permanent community change 

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Learn more about all of the global issues we address in our curriculum and  professional development.

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We equip and motivate students to develop critical thinking skills, build global awareness, and engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future through hands-on curricula and professional learning.

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