Facing the Future is the single resource in my class that brings current real world problems into perspective for my students and leads them through the thought process to develop solutions. This has enabled them to be global thinkers not just 'American students.' 

- Middle School Environmental Science Teacher, Ocala, FL

Schools and Organizations Using Our Resources

In light of the need to educate effective global citizens, schools and organizations in more than 140 countries are leading the way in integrating global issues, sustainability, critical thinking, and a global perspective into their curricula. 

Our curriculum and professional development is used in:

  • Governmental Agencies
  • Home Schools
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) programs
  • International Schools
  • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools

Below is a list of some schools and organizations where educators have used or are currently using our resources. Please let us know if your school or organization should be added to the list.

  • US Schools and Organizations
  • International Schools and Organizations

About Us

We equip and motivate students to develop critical thinking skills, build global awareness, and engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future through hands-on curricula and professional learning.

Facing the Future is an
independent program of WWU