What I like most about Facing the Future resources is their relevance to students lives and interests, the focus on both problems AND solutions, and the emphasis on critical thinking skills. 

- Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Seattle, WA

Classroom Examples:
Global Sustainability Curriculum in Action

Many classroom challenges can be mitigated with highly engaging curriculum. Highly engaging curriculum has two components: content and structure. Global issues and sustainability content engages students—even those who have shown little previous interest in their schoolwork. The activity and inquiry-based structure of Facing the Future curriculum increases student engagement and achievement by appealing to students of varying learning styles and levels.

The classroom examples below show how teachers have used Facing the Future curriculum to address a variety of classroom challenges and increase student involvement. No two classrooms are the same, yet these examples highlight how global issues and sustainability can be integrated successfully with diverse curricula and student populations.

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We equip and motivate students to develop critical thinking skills, build global awareness, and engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future through hands-on curricula and professional learning.

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