Clean School Bus USA

Clean School Bus USA

Organize an idle-reduction campaign at your school!

Age group: Grades 3-12
Geographic area: U.S.

School buses are among the safest ways for students to get to school. However, pollution from older diesel vehicles has health implications for everyone, especially children and increases global warming by emitting carbon. By working together, we can reduce pollution from public school buses and make sure that school buses are also a clean way for students to get to school.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Idle-Reduction Campaign is a public information campaign creating opportunities for bus drivers, transportation managers, teachers, and students to learn about air quality and diesel emissions. It promotes idle-reduction as an easy way to save money by saving fuel, reducing wear and tear on engines, cutting carbon dioxide emissions, improving air quality, and protecting the health of bus drivers and students.

Clean School Bus USA offers a variety of educational materials to launch a successful idle-reduction campaign, including an idle-reduction brochure, poster, teacher's guide, driver video or CD, and driver key chains. The Idle-Reduction Campaign Do-it-Yourself Kit is available to school districts or other organizations.

Learn more about how you can start an idle-reduction campaign at your school or district.

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