Green Seattle Partnership

Green Seattle Partnership

Learn about urban forests while helping to steward one of Seattle's forested parks.

Age Group: All ages
Geographic Area: Greater Seattle/King County

The Cascade Land Conservancy, in partnership with the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, has an opportunity for your class to steward one of Seattle's forested parks.

Surrounded by the built environment, urban forests provide critical "green services" such as improving air quality, filtering and retaining storm water, and providing habitat for local wildlife and natural spaces for us to enjoy. These services are becoming all the more important as development encroaches on our green spaces and forests are exposed to the threats of their city setting: fragmentation, pollution, and the spread of aggressive invasive plants.

Without intervention, urban forests are declining throughout the Puget Sound region. But through active stewardship we can help keep our forests healthy and thriving, so that they can continue to be an asset to our vibrant city for generations to come. The Green Seattle Partnership provides opportunities for hands-on education through meaningful service in forested parks.

Student groups can learn about the process of urban forest restoration and management by adopting a small parcel of parkland. Chose a site and protect it from invasive species and help reestablish the native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that once grew there. Watch your site thrive as it returns to a functioning native northwest ecosystem.

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