Participate in Walk to School Month in October and decrease your carbon footprint.

Age group: Grades K-12
Geographic area: Worldwide

Is your school looking for ways to have a positive impact on climate change and help students get fit? Then Walk to School Month is a great way to fulfill both of these goals. Iwalk is an international organization that helps schools and communities set and meet goals to encourage a more walkable world. Campaigns can focus on safer and improved streets, healthier habitats, and environmental conservation. No matter which campaign your school focuses on by participating in this program you will reduce your carbon footprint and impact on climate change.

71% of Americans say they walked or rode a bike to school when they were a child. But, today most school-aged children (7 to 17 years old) are either driven by a parent (53%) or a school bus (38%). Less than 17% walk and only 5% ride a bike or use public transportation to get to school (Surface Transportation Policy Partnership).

You can take your campaign a step further by connecting your walk to a theme or lesson, such as climate change or street safety. Educate yourself and your classmates about the benefits of walking to school on the environment through a school newsletter or a public service announcement. Iwalk provides resources and ideas for students, parents, and educators as well as promotional materials to advertise your event.

For more information on starting a Walk to School Month campaign at your school, visit iwalk.

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