Facing the Future focuses on relevant material that affects all people. It is not generic or contrived material that we pump into our students’ brains, rather it is material that allows for student growth on an independent and holistic level. The resources are easy to use, and all-encompassing. They inspire discussion and reflection, and they also create student interest because they are relevant to our students’ lives. 

- High School Language Arts Teacher, Reno, NV

Educator Testimonials

Teachers in all U.S. states and more than 140 other countries are using Facing the Future curriculum materials. Everything Facing the Future does is informed by educators. We devote considerable time and resources to assessing the impact of our programs and are constantly developing and updating our curriculum materials based on input from educators. 

Our assessments include annual surveys of all educators who use Facing the Future curriculum resources as well as pre- and post-tests to evaluate the impact of our programming on student knowledge, achievement, and motivation to take action.

Email us if you have additional input to share with us. Thank you to all who have given us such valuable feedback!

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About Us

We equip and motivate students to develop critical thinking skills, build global awareness, and engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future through hands-on curricula and professional learning.

Facing the Future is an
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