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  • Worldview and Culture Tour
    Learn how indigenous peoples, as well as immigrants and refugees, face many challenges related to worldview and culture. The Worldview and Culture Tour also includes links to additional resources and take action projects.
  • Worldview and Culture Multimedia Resources
    Find a wide variety of videos, books, websites, and interactive technologies about worldview and culture.

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Worldview and Culture Readings
unit 5 of Facing the Future's high school textbook

chapters 5 and 7 of our middle school textbook

Worldview and Culture Lessons
  • Map of Myself: Identity and Culture (Grades K-4)
    Students brainstorm personal and cultural identity and then produce a poster that “maps” their identity. A gallery walk to review student posters reveals differences in identity. Leo Lionni’s story, Fish is Fish, drives home the importance of maintaining one’s identity as separate from, yet still connected to, the identities of others. The lesson ends with the song, So Much the Same, which celebrates diversity and unity.
  • Worldview Mingle (Grades 5-12)
    With identity labels attached to their backs, students participate in an exercise in which they experience what it is like to stereotype and to be stereotyped. The identity labels are related to economic status, population, and the environment.
  • Who Are the Nacirema? (Grades 5-12)
  • Students read a short story about the body-related rituals of a cultural group called the Nacirema, and then use the same literary device employed in the original story to write their own short stories about rituals of the Nacirema. This writing exercise spurs a discussion on cultural awareness, assumptions, and worldviews.

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