Klickitat High School

Klickitat High School, 9th-12th Grade

Teacher Laurie Wilhite and her students took global issues and sustainability on the road for their service learning experience. Their goal was to increase the public's awareness of the world by participating in a Global Fair that preceded a talk by Bono about social activism, global awareness, and constructive engagement at the Portland World Affairs Council. 

The students had been researching a variety of global topics and creating PowerPoints prior to the Fair. They chose sustainability (especially with regard to world fisheries) as the focal point of their booth. They developed and manned an interactive display that featured their presentations and engaged the public in a modified version of Facing the Future's Fishing for the Future.

"Customers" visiting the booth learned that they needed only two fish to survive. Students informed their “customers” that plain M&Ms represented low value fish while peanut M&Ms were the high value fish like swordfish, etc.They were then asked to “fish” with straws for just 10 seconds during two consecutive fishing seasons. Customers were rewarded by not taking more fish than they needed from their “ocean.” The activity demonstrated that fish are a renewable resource that will be maintained if they are not over fished. Laurie commented that the best learning at the Global Fair took place because having students teach the Fishing for the Future activity drew more students to the booth and they learned from one another.

After the event one student said, "I'm now really excited to go out and help people who now need help. Everything that Bono talked about, AIDS, World Hunger, and the so-called War; everything he said was awesome and encouraging. Like I said before, I feel more confident and more sure of myself to go out in the world and make a difference. I know how to help now, and the best thing about it is that I want to!"


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