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We confess our excitement as the second edition of Engaging Students through Global Issues finds its place in Facing the Future's expanding library and brings a major update to a cornerstone of our sustainability program studies.

What’s more, and with as much enthusiasm, we also welcome our newest curriculum, Big World, Small Planet, which presents an effective and resourceful introduction to core concepts and strategies associated with sustainability.

The newly revised Engaging Students through Global Issues, comes off the press as a much-requested and highly anticipated update to our popular activity-based book that bridges social studies and science/environmental studies.

The activities deliver a current exploration and futuristic look into the connection between complex global issues and sustainable solutions. Teachers are supported by educational assets that help students identify factors that accelerate climate change and investigate sustainable alternatives to formulate a service-based action plan.

There are 40 lesson plans for a range of students, grades 5-12, all designed to facilitate their development of media literacy to insightfully distinguish fact from fiction, and also gain familiarity with how stakeholders influence environmental policies.

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We’ve also been eager to integrate Big World, Small Planet into our curriculum collection. Now that the moment has arrived, we’re delighted to present you Module One, a complete and conversant curriculum that offers teachers and students an important introduction to the perceptions and approaches to issues associated with sustainability.

The student reader is organized into four modules (the second, third, and fourth will arrive through the fall), each of which consists of two related units, and each unit is supported by 10 lessons. In its entirety, the curriculum can be used as a year-long course with daily lessons.

These practical and insightful learning sessions enable teachers to inspire and empower students to seek solutions to the challenges that evolve from the interconnectedness of environment, culture, society and economy. Furthermore, students are encouraged to develop new ways of thinking, collaborating and problem solving to effectively engage with these kinds of challenges.

Big World, Small Planet Module One is available today! You can order a single copy or save money by purchasing a classroom set of 30.

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With a bold new curriculum in Big World, Small Planet and an update to our tried-and-true standard, Engaging Students through Global Issues, now among the many courses offered in our collection, we’re pleased to provide innovative sustainability programming to teachers in all sectors of education.

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