Big World, Small Planet - Module 2: Learning from the Natural World, Student Edition, Single Copy
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A continuing path of learning about core concepts and strategies associated with sustainability and focused on learning from the natural world. Students will further their development toward an awareness and understanding of the world's interconnectedness of environment, culture, society and economy.

Big World, Small Planet - Module 2 encourages students to pursue meaningful resolution to sustainability issues relevant to their everyday lives, as well as from a global perspective. The Student Reader is organized into two related units, with each unit supported by activities that give students an opportunity to...

  • Investigate how life has managed to continue, adapt and flourish during widely varying conditions and elimination of many - if not most - living organisms.
  • Study nature's patterns and learn how life has sustained under changing conditions over billions of years.
  • Learn how and why societies tend to approach nature from two points of view.
  • Build environmental literacy that encourages critical and analytical thinking to resolve complex issues 

Module 2 Academic Standards

Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 8-12
Type: Student Reader
Module: 2 (of 4)
Format: Print - Single copy

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Also available as a Classroom Set of 30 - $699.00