Big World, Small Planet - Module 3: Meeting Human Needs Sustainably, Student Edition, Single Copy
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In Module 3, students will learn how we rely on the natural environment to provide us with food, air, water, energy, and more, and further, how we meet these basic needs in a way that preserves a healthy planet, now and into the future.

Students will contemplate actions that can assure people have enough of these essential life supports, while tackling real-world issues, examining sustainability issues and solutions in food, water, air quality, and energy.

Activities include analyzing impacts of students’ food choices, exploring local water supply, making societal decisions regarding pollution and energy sources, using systems thinking, and identifying interconnections between air, water, food, and energy.

Throughout the unit, a nature journal guides students to experience their connection with the natural world in relation to the topics being covered.

Module 3 Academic Standards

Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 8-12
Type: Student Reader
Module: 3 (of 4)
Format: Print - Single copy

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