What a Waste! Global Sustainability Curriculum Lesson Plan Download for Grades 9 to 12
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Challenge students to reflect on how waste is connected to their own lives and to investigate paths toward a zero-waste lifestyle. This seven lesson unit highlights waste issues from students' backyards to around the world and range from household, to industrial, to nuclear waste. Through historical case studies, debates, and mapping activities, students will:

  • Understand connections between different types of waste
  • Investigate solutions to clean up Superfund hazardous waste sites
  • Examine the impact of legacy pollutants on society and environment
  • Analyze how contaminants spread through ecosystems and between trophic levels
  • Engage in respectful dialogues about the ethics of nuclear power

Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 9-12
Type: Lesson Plan
Format: Digital Download

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