Along with our basic needs for food, water, and shelter, the most fundamental human need is for peace and security. Unfortunately, one of humanities most persistent challenges is to help people learn how to get along. Education for sustainability worldview must help learners develop the knowledge, values, skills and attitudes associated with living together peacefully. The goal is for each of us to learn to treat the needs of others around the world today and who will live in the future as equal in importance with own wants and needs.

Peace involves not only human interactions with each other but also human interactions with the planet. As the complexity of human-planet interconnectedness becomes better understood, it is becoming evident that that the factors that contribute to peace (e.g., social justice, fair distribution of power and resources, equitable economic opportunity, equal protection and, impartial implementation of laws) also contribute to the health and preservation of natural systems and that the variables associated violence also have a deleterious effect on the environment.

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