Teachers in all U.S. states and more than 140 other countries are using Facing the Future curriculum materials. Ultimately, our work should reflect the effect our curriculum resources and programs have on students' learning. The testimonials below are from teachers who have used Facing the Future materials  - their words capture that impact in a personal and provocative way.

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What Educators have to say...

Facing the Future is the single resource in my class that brings current real world problems into perspective for my students and leads them through the thought process to develop solutions. This has enabled them to be global thinkers not just 'American students.' 

- Middle School Environmental Science Teacher, Ocala, FL

I have literally been able to create a six-week global issues course for seventh graders by using Facing the Future materials almost exclusively. The activities found in the Engaging Students through Global Issues book have been outstanding and provide the memorable situations that the students will remember.

- Middle School Global Issues Teacher, Pasadena, CA

Everyone is excited and inspired by the materials [in Engaging Students through Global Issues]. My students enthusiastically call for more! Their retention and understanding soars when we use simulations. [The curriculum] easily reaches and engages my ESL students.

- Elementary School Teacher, Boulder, CO

Facing the Future’s curriculum guides are the single best, easy to use resource for teaching about global issues and sustainability that I have ever seen. Students find the activities highly engaging and thought provoking. Even other teachers have said to me, 'I don't know what you're teaching in your classes but students are finding it interesting enough to keep talking about in my classes!'

- High School Science Teacher, Seattle, WA


The curriculum is amazing. I have used it systematically this year, and can find no faults with it. The students are incredibly engaged, while learning very complex issues related to my science curriculum. The students are writing, reflecting, researching, and reading more and more about global issues. I just love it!

- Middle School Science and Language Arts Teacher, Cupertino, CA

The articles in the text were very thought-provoking for the students. The activities were fun and really helped the students FEEL the issues.

- High School Environmental Science Teacher, Hunters, WA

Facing the Future resources are appealing in every respect: a) easy and simple; b) well researched; c) excellent graphics and photos; d) well written; e) and inspiring.

- Middle School Gifted Teacher, Metter, GA

[Facing the Future curriculum] forces students to evaluate their own lives, and how they personally are fitting into the global picture. It also helps students understand the idea of sustainability – and makes it very real to them. It provides many ways to discuss issues facing the world, and prompts students to find solutions that they can start putting into action. I've loved using it in the classroom!

- High School Science Teacher, Nicholasville, KY

I appreciate the positive tone that the lessons and materials convey. Global issues can be heavy for young people and the last thing we want to do is weigh them down to the point of powerlessness. Inspiring students to act on what they learn is key and Facing the Future's materials are certainly geared to help students do just that. The lessons are also well formatted and easily adaptable to various interest and ability levels.

- High School Social Studies Teacher, St. Louis, MO

It is just amazing to have meaningful material to present to learners while still being aligned with national standards. Facing the Future incorporates higher order critical thinking in all of their lessons.

- Middle School Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and ESL Teacher, Miami Springs, FL

I immediately saw a difference in my students' attitudes and behaviour the first time I tried an activity from the [Facing the Future's] website. Students are bombarded with talk about environmental issues but are not always provided the opportunity to participate in decision making in respect to environmental issues. Facing the Future's curriculum... allows students this opportunity to engage in decision making and to explore different worldviews that they may not have otherwise had the chance to examine.

- High School Environmental Science Teacher, Saint John, NB, Canada

I found that the curriculum to be on point concerning issues that impact all communities. Living in a rural economically disadvantaged Native American community the reality of the curriculum is our daily community experience. Unlike elite suburban schools where learning of the problems that exist is of paramount importance, our community needs models that demonstrate the strategies needed to develop solutions in real time.

- High School Social Studies and ESL Teacher, Covelo, CA

Facing the Future has provided a strong, positive framework which helps students get a grasp on very complex issues. Students become engaged in the activities. Problems and solutions become tangible for them and they feel less overwhelmed and confused by the many serious questions facing all of us. It is the most successful, student-centered curriculum I have ever found to teach about global issues.

- Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Fall City, WA

I like the fact that most of the lessons are based on student discovery rather than direct lecture. The hands-on approach helps them retain knowledge longer than straight memorization.

- High School Science Teacher, Lake Placid, NY

I am a teacher of the gifted with several Future Problem Solver teams and a Junior United Nation Assembly simulation as part of our curricular offerings. Both areas deal with finding problems, global issues and solutions for sustainable futures. Your site is a great find.

- Elementary School Gifted Teacher, Birmingham, AL

Facing the Future focuses on relevant material that affects all people. It is not generic or contrived material that we pump into our students’ brains, rather it is material that allows for student growth on an independent and holistic level. The resources are easy to use, and all-encompassing. They inspire discussion and reflection, and they also create student interest because they are relevant to our students’ lives.

- High School Language Arts Teacher, Reno, NV

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