Big World, Small Planet - Module 1: Getting Started With Sustainability, Teacher Edition
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Teachers introduce students to sustainability's core concepts and strategies, encouraging  greater awareness and a worldview understanding of the interconnection between environment, culture, society and economy.

Big World, Small Planet provides students with inspiration to pursue meaningful, forward-thinking tactics meant to resolve sustainability issues that are relevant not only to their everyday lives, but also with a global perspective. This edition supports teachers' ambitions and endeavors to motivate students to:

  • Investigate the values that underlie many of the sustainability related challenges of today 
  • Pursue local solutions to global issues with direct engagement of local, real-world situations and concerns, while interpreting the issues through a global, and even planetary, perspective
  • Foster culturally responsive practices, examining issues from a variety of cultural and stake-holder perspectives
  • Build environmental literacy that encourages critical and analytical thinking to resolve complex issues

Module 1 Academic Standards

Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 8-12
Type: Teacher Edition
Module: 1 (of 4)
Format: Print