Engaging Students Through Global Issues: 2nd Edition, Activity-Based Lessons and Action Projects
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Our understanding of sustainability issues continues to grow and evolve. As such, the second edition of Engaging Students Through Global Issues has been updated to reflect current scientific research.

Designed for use in a wide range of formal and non-formal educational settings, Engaging Students Through Global Issues encompasses eight Big Ideas that link science and social studies through a collection of 40 activities and action projects that encourage student participation and commitment to issue resolution.

Students will find inspiration to take resourceful action in their communities with the discovery and understanding of global issues that interconnect the three pillars of sustainability – environment, society, and economy.

Notably, the readability and vocabulary of student materials have been modified to better meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELL), adult learners, and individuals who may or may not have a deep conceptual understanding of sustainability or systems thinking.

  • Investigate the meaning and implications of the eight Big Ideas.
  • Gain knowledge of current scientific research with regard to the dynamics and evolution of sustainability.
  • Develop a deeper conceptual understanding of sustainability or systems thinking.
  • Incorporate ideas into critical thought to foster problem solving, and decision-making.

Subjects: Science, Social Studies
Grades: 5-12
Type: Teacher Activity Book
Format: Print

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